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We do beautiful weddings at St. Paul’s! It’s a joy to share in this sacred beginning of a lifetime journey together of two people. If you are interested in having your wedding at St. Paul’s, the process begins with a phone call from the couple to Reverend Stephanie Johnson. Usually one or both of the parties are members of the larger St. Paul’s community, or wish to become members. If you haven’t worshiped at St. Paul’s, we recommend that you come to one of our Sunday morning services to get to know us!

Who may officiate?

No service of Holy Matrimony may be conducted at St. Pauls’s Church without our clergy present. Additional Episcopal clergy and clergy of other denominations may be involved in the service, at the discretion of the clergy. When clergy outside the staff of St. Paul’s are involved, it the rector will invite them.

What is the nature of the service?

Marriage at St. Paul’s Church is performed within the rich tradition of the Episcopal Church. The "Celebration and Blessing of Marriage" as contained in the Book of Common Prayer is the form for the service and allows many opportunities to for making the service personal.

What is the rehearsal?

The rehearsal is the opportunity, generally the night before the ceremony, for the wedding party to review the mechanics involved in the service itself. It is an enormously important part of the wedding preparation, in that it provides the opportunity to answer any questions involving the service itself. It lasts about an hour and involves the entire wedding party “walking through” the wedding service.

What about music?

The wedding party should contact the parish organist well in advance of the wedding date to work with her on the music. Usually, choices support the symbols of the church service. We recommend that they come from the rich tradition of music written for the church.

What rules govern photography?

A wedding is a sacred and solemn event. We work hard to ensure that the two persons being married are prepared for that event and are not in any way distracted from its importance for their future life together. We therefore require guests and outside professional photographers to comply with the following rules on photography:

  • Flash photographs of arriving guests, ushers, bridesmaids, bride and groom are acceptable prior to the service.
  • Posed photographs may be made of the wedding party at the altar before or after the service.
  • Flash pictures from the vestibule (the small entrance hall) may be made of the bride and other members of the wedding party during the entrance and exit processions. Photographers are not allowed to ask the participants to stop during the entrance or exit processions. The professional photographer is permitted to take non-flash pictures during the entrance and exit processions from the balcony if he or she has a very quiet camera.
  • No other pictures are allowed during the course of the service. Ushers should remind arriving guests with cameras of this regulation to avoid the necessity of the clergy having to stop the service to make such a request.

It is the responsibility of the bride or groom to make our rules and parish customs clear to photographers and to all persons attending the wedding.

What is the Blessing of a Civil Marriage?

If your wedding is on a Saturday, you may use the altar flower arrangements which St. Paul’s Altar Guild provides for Sunday services. Supplemental or premium altar flowers may be requested and paid for by the family. Any additional flowers are to be provided by the wedding party. No tape or staples should be used in the church. Also, no aisle runners are permitted at St. Paul’s.

Is it possible to dress at the church?

Though limited, space is available for both bride and groom to dress for the service. Arrange a time with the church office to enter the church on the day of the wedding.

Helpful Hints:

  • If you are having a rehearsal dinner, it is best to hold it following the rehearsal itself. If you want the officiating clergy and his or her spouse to attend the dinner, please let them know in advance and send an invitation.
  • LICENSES SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE CLERGY AT THE TIME OF THE REHEARSAL. Weddings cannot go forward unless the clergy has seen the license before the service.
  • Throwing of rice, birdseed, confetti or rose petals is not permitted.
  • If bulletins containing the order of service are desired, the wording is subject to approval by the officiating clergy in advance of printing since it is a worship service and represents the church as well as the couple. The couple is responsible for arrangements with a printer.

Wedding Fees & Offerings

Our fees vary based on membership and non-membership and include payments for the following: Church offering, Clergy Offering, Organist fee, Sexton fee. Additional feels for Streaming, Choirs/Soloist and Flowers may apply. Please reach out to the office for further details.
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